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Why Must Put Extra Care For Prenatal Care During Maternity?

Why Must Put Extra Care For Prenatal Care During Maternity?

April 9, 2022

“Baby”, is a word that makes you smile all day. A reason to make our feelings worth it. Bringing a newborn to this world sounds familiar, but the struggle during maternity is real. Unrevealing struggles are the pure and gifted characteristics of a famine. The baby shower is a tradition and culture that is followed throughout the world. The journey of a baby from formation to delivery counts us the days a women sacrifices her sleeps and hard feelings. Though these are tough times, there is some voice that sounds “it is just 10 months” every time. “Good Health” matters to both Baby and Women. You must put extra care into prenatal care. How you take care of yourself directly replicates the baby’s health. A child when delivered without proper prenatal care may or may not suffer from health complications. And sometimes it may lead to misgrowth of the newborn’s organs. Hey You! Are you there? Take care of yourself.

A Wish That Mesmerizes

The moment you know that you are going to be a mom sooner, you start to procrastinate to enjoy the sounds “quaa quaa”. WOW! It is going to happen. But, is the pregnancy test and confirmation just enough to bring a newborn? Hope so not. Express your Care through actions not in words.

Am I Pregnant?

The health condition varies from woman to woman. After sexual intercourse, there will be some early signs or symptoms of your pregnancy. In some cases, you may be symptomatic or asymptomatic. The tenderness of your breast and mild cramping are some of the common symptoms that a pregnant women experiences. This generally happens nearly after 10 to 14 days of conception. The missing of a regular period indicates a promising sign of your fertility.

Pregnancy and Period

Yes! Generally, people failed to differentiate between the symptoms of pregnancy and periods. The only differentiation you can make is the colour of the blood bleed. If you are pregnant, you will bleed in pink colour. This will be the best sign you can observe with your naked eye.

The Odor of Urinate

The smell of your urinate is also an indication of your pregnancy. If you would have observed you would know the difference between the normal and after conception.

Pregnancy Test

Though there are some early signs of pregnancy, you are highly recommended to take a test to make sure you are pregnant. Because there are women who are asymptomatic. Taking late care leads to health complications. By doing this you will get to know the dos and don’ts.

Follow Your Prenatal Diet

If your body is potent enough to get pregnant then you are definitely blessed. The change in food culture directly impacted the hormones. These hormonal changes your body function. It is fine to consume junk foods once in a while. Food habits are not the only core reason for non-pregnancy. It is cumulative of a bigger cause. I’m fertile and Why should I be concerned about my food habits? You are absolutely WRONG. The foods you intake is the energy source for an unborn child. When you eat nutritionless foods your baby receives zero nutrition. Hence there is a high chance for abnormal growth. The Brain and Spinal are the first organs that start to grow in the womb. Lack of nutrition and energy, the improper growth leads to serious condition. If you are too lethargic in giving the right prenatal care, there may be a situation where you end up taking your unborn child’s life.

Environmental Surroundings, the Cause and Effect

Your unborn child can hear and understand your talks. Is it TRUE? Definitely, it is. Ears of the unborn child are formed during the 25th or 26th week after conception. Your baby responds to the sound and noises you make. You would have come across that the vibration and feelings you create make the unborn child react to it. This is damn true. Creating a positive vibration in and around you comforts your developing baby. It boosts your baby to have good feelings that boost its good health. When you are in a crowd of positive/negative vibrations your mood tends to it. This is the same case with your unborn child. So take care of your words and expression. Ultimately, try to be happier and hear happy songs.

The Maternity Struggle

When it comes to struggling there are no words to describe the pain. Your mind and body don’t respond to the same. This is greatly due to the hormonal changes caused by your developing child. Some pregnant women are highly sensitive to digestion. They tend to vomit the food the moment they consume it. And some faint after standing/sitting for a long period of time. Some may experience sleepless nights and some undergo bad feelings. “Asking for Support is not a Weak Sign, instead, it shows your strength”. Never feel sad or get offended to seek support.

Best Ways for a Prenatal Care

It is time to quit smoking if you are a smoker. It is advisable to stay away from places where you can sense smoke. Be it an active or passive smoker, it greatly affects your unborn child. So make the right choice. Never consume alcohol during your prenatal care. It boozes both your family and your developing baby. So control your mindset. Sexual intercourse during your pregnancy depends on your self-interest and health condition. It is recommended to consult your doctor on whether to opt-in for intercourse. Have a practice of doing physical activities. It would be much better if you go for a walk on a daily basis. This helps you in the easy and normal delivery of your baby.

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