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What type of chest pain indicates a heart attack?

July 17, 2023

The most important complaints that people often get panic is how does cardiac pain feel.It’s a compressive pain that will last for 2-3 minutes.It radiates to both your arms,shoulders,jaw,neck,back and at upper part of the tummy. It will be associated with sweating,breathing difficulties,giddiness. It is not necessary that you should have all these associated symptoms also. Sometimes when you walk a certain distance you get a choking feeling and then you stop the pain disappears.When you start walking again pain also comes back and that might be a cardiac pain for which you need to consult a cardiologist and do treadmill test that is TMT.The ECG then gives clues whether the pain is related to heart attack or not. Where as Chest pain will be felt in just a particular spot that you can tell easily pointing your finger at the exact spot.It just lasts for a few seconds,it just comes and goes but cardiac pain will be there everywhere.If you are a smoker,following unhealthy lifestyle and no exercise chances are high for a heart attack.A medical opinion should be taken in case of any significant chest pain so that important ailment is not missed.There can be a lot of overlap symptoms due to heart disease and disease of other nearby organs. Angina a medical term commonly occurs due to significant destruction of a blood vessel that supplies oxygen rich blood to the heart.If someone gets pain in the arms,shoulder,back and neck without pain in the chest then it is called anginal equivalent. A heavy meal may also bring a pain as heart has to pump out more blood to the stomach and intestines for digestive process.Pain is likely to be more if you are walking after a heavy meal which can be mistaken to be a stomach ache.Pain of a heart attack occurs in similar location as angina but is more severe. Chest pain may be associated with undue sweating and lack of awareness of heart beats known as palpitation.But these symptoms can also occasionally occur due to severe anxiety and panic.Prolonged chest pains calls for early hospitalisation.Travel should be preferably in well equipped ambulance that ensures emergency care.The general rule is that no chest pain should be ignored which need not be of the heart itself. Very catching type of chest pain occur from the muscles of the chest wall. Pain originating from the muscles,bones and joints are usually aggravated by movement or pressure.In case of pain originating from the heart ,pain occurs even when you exert the legs whereas if the pain originates from chest muscles is unlikely to increase with the leg exercise.Pain from chest muscles can increase with arms exercise as they are attached to the chest.

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