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8th August 2019

Dear Star Care Team,

"Extremely satisfied with the service of Doctors and other staff of the Hospital. The amount charged is also less compared to many of the other hospitals in Kozhikode. I personally met Dr Abdulla Cherayakkat and conveyed this to him as he knows my father Late Dr N Mohandas, Orthopedic Surgeon in Kozhikode. Wish the Hospital all the best."

Dr K Madhava Chandran

Senior Principal Scientist & Head, Water Management (Agri.)
Division, CWRDM, Kozhikode

16th January 2019

Dear Star Care Team,

"My father Mr Kunhikrishnan Nambiar, was admitted to Starcare hospital on 16th January 2019. He was treated by Dr Abdulla Cherayakkat and, we are really satisfied with the services received during these days. The nurses and staff were very attentive and happily served him as per our requests. It gives us great pleasure and, we are truly thankful for all the staff who cared well considering his age. We are immensely happy and thankful for the services. ".

Warm Regards

Suresh T


29 June 2018

Dear Star Care Team,

The help and guidance from duty Nurses were exceptional. Specially S/NDeepthi, we appreciate her help and attitude towards us. S/N Deepthi is a perfect example of a Nurse. Thank you.

With warm regards,

Prajusha N


23 June 2018

Dear Star Care Team,

The treatment, support and care we receive from here is outstanding and we will definitely recommend this to our friends also. Doctors, especially Dr Shamni and other staff are very supportive.

With warm regards,

Hasna N


08 June 2018

Dear Star Care Team,

Doctor and especially nurses are very friendly and supportive. It made our first pregnancy less scary. Thanks and much gratitude to all Nurses and our Dr Shamni Shajudheen.

With warm regards,

Safila V


06 June 2018

Dear Star Care Team,

In personal experiences, when compared to other hospitals in Calicut and Vatakara,"Starcare" stands first and excellent in every aspect. I express my sincere appreciation and applause to the Management, Doctors and other staff.

With warm regards,

Dr. VK Jamal


24 May 2018

Dear Star Care Team,

I must say the behaviour of Nurses were excellent. They supported like family and had the patience to tolerate me and my family. Dr.Radhika Manoj - as always the support system and brilliant.

With warm regards,

Febin Farhana


11 May 2018

Dear Star Care Team,

"First of all let me thank the almighty for blessing us with a sweet Angel. This letter is to extend my sincere and whole hearted appreciation to all, starting from the management for providing an excellent "STARCARE" facility to each patient.The behaviour of the Doctors especially Dr.Radhika Manoj and Dr.Shabeer were awesome. Since Nursing care is considered as a cornerstone of each and every Hospital I would like to thank those Nurses who were so dedicated and visited our room without any delay. These are the name of Nurses whom I remember Ms.Sony, Ms.Alphy, Ms.Lincy, Ms.Asha, Ms.Anju, Ms.Dhanya, Ms.Shobi, Ms.Karthika, Ms.Vismaya, Ms.Anusree and so on. [Unfortunately I cannot remember the other people who is included].Once again Thank you so much for everything. God bless".

With warm regards,



24 April 2018

Dear Star Care Team,

First of all I am thanking all of the Star care Team for your valuable care to my Family, Especially Dr.Shmni Shajudheen, No words to express her service that she provided to us (May Allah bless her) and also all the supporting staffs including nursing staffs, house keeping and even the security personnels . You fulfills the meaning of "Star Care " by providing "Star" care...I mean it..

I recommended many of my family members to visit at your disposal , If anybody seeing this message please don't hesitate to spread it..

Wishing all of your teams a great success in future..May Allah bless you all..keep going..

With warm regards,

Er. Shajeer Shaan (KSEB)

H/O Dr.Yasmina Mariyam ( SCK0000053942)
Mob: 9747472171

8 Dec 2016



Dr. Abdulla & The Management



Dear Sirs,

I am writing this letter, on behalf of my children and myself, to acknowledge our gratitude for the care and attention your hospital team has extended to, my wife, Mrs. Subaida Ummer Koya over the past 10 days.

This has been a very difficult time for our family, but it could have been much worse if it had not been for your dedication and expertise. My family and I are truly grateful for the level of care you were able to administer to my wife. We’re also grateful for the time you took to talk with us to help us better understand our options.

We would especially like to thank Dr. Sijith (Pulmonary), Dr. Sukesh (Rheumatology), Dr. Arun Kumar (ICU) and the other specialist doctors, for their professionalism and relentless support. Your team of nurses have also been very cooperative and attentive to our needs during this period, and we are truly appreciative.

The work you do is so important. And you excel at your work in every way possible. Keep up the inspiring work.


T. Ummer Koya

Kakkodi, Kozhikode
Mob: 9747381428


Sub: A Commendable and recommendable philanthropy

Dear Doctor,

I pen this note just to congratulate you on the precious treasure you possess and for the careful treatment you did at the critical time of dire need. Amidst the hundreds of hospitals in Calicut, ‘Star- Care’ shines, shines almost like a star because in my opinion it is the one and only hospital that acts in accordance with medical ethics. I have no doubt that under the illustrious leadership of Dr. Abdulla Cherayakkat, this institution will flourish and will remain as a competent consultant for all desirous of improving their health. My father-in-law Shri P.K. Achuthankutty Menon´s (the former secretary- Gandhi Peace Foundation Trust. Kozhikode) hip-bone was fractured and he was admitted in this hospital. Now he is a convalescent person.

He is a patient under Dr Samir Ali. His soothing words and superb services are beyond the bounds of words. He is a gem of a person. His serene presence is like a diamond dew drop at dawn. He is a rare fragrant flower that never fades or falter. He is empathetic as well as sympathetic. Never ever before we experienced such magnanimity: we will remember, admire and adore this bestowed bliss forever.

Your medical family members are cordial and co-operative, concerned and considerate. They kindled the candle on the altar of our hearts with love, friendliness and benediction.

When one hand gets hurt the other hand comes forward to make it feel better. Your treatment was like that. We pray for you "May the flag of this hospital flutter forever in the medical firmament!

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


6th February 2018



Managing Director
Starcare Hospital Kozhikode

Dear Sir,

Reference admission and treatment of our CEO, Mr Venkataratnam, Mrs U Maheshwary K and Aji Joseph from 01 Feb to 05 Feb 18 at your hospital at Calicut. On behalf of Management and staff of E3 Theme Parks,Wayanad, I take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their prompt service and quick response towards the speedy recovery of our patients. I would like to make a special mention about the following personnel in particular for their services: Dr Anil Kumar CK [Neuro surgeon], Dr Nabeel Mohamed [Orthopaedic surgeon] and his team, the nursing staff at ICU and rooms, Dr Fibin Thanveer, Mr Briju Mohan [GM HR], Mr Anoopkumar [Sr Manager PR& Customer Experience], Mr Jagannathan and Mr Peter [On call Managers], Mr.Sreejith [AM-Billing]. Once again thank you all for all the timely and necessary assistance to make our patients comfortable and also for their fast recovery. God bless!

Thanks & Regards

Venkata Ratnam K

CEO - E3Theme Parks, Wayanad

24th April 2018

Dear Starcare Team,

“The services given by starcare Hospital was amazing and we are always very thankful to you all and our special thanks to your reception staff, Ms.Reshma.She did a brilliant job and really helped us very much. She is really smart, pleasant and helps others. We wish all the very best to Starcare, we will suggest Starcare to others".

Warm Regards

Haripriya P K


7th December 2017

Dear Starcare Team,

"This is to inform you that I was assisted by Ms.Nishana.When I walked in to the Hospital she handled me with a pleasant smile and made sure that I was well taken care of. I was then examined by Dr.Vinayak who attended to me with great care and attentiveness. Being unwell, Iin a foreign land , more than medicine I needed love and care, which was also given to me by these individuals. I must say that all your staff were readily available with smile to help the people who walked in to the Hospital. You should be proud to be growing such members in your team working for Starcare Hospital.

Wish you all the very best and blessings from God Almighty as you attend to these people with love and care. Thank you for the royal service".

Warm Regards

Rachel Niranjala Tilakarathne


20th April 2018

Dear Starcare Team,

"To the beautiful, caring and dedicated Angels of 4th floor, especially S/N Anoop. The selfless service each one of you do is commendable. We are extremely grateful for the genuine care and kindness you have shown. Appreciate your team work and you are a boon to the suffering. Thank you. Way to go team".

Warm Regards

Girija Suvarnan


3rd March 2018

Dear Starcare Team,

"We will surely recommend this Hospital to our friends, relatives and others for treatment. We enquired to Dr. Raghuram A Krishnan about the pre deposit for angioplasty procedure and at that time the Doctor replied that at first let us save the patient and to not worry about the payment. We saw God in him. Thank you for all your services".

Warm Regards

Sabu N


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