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10 Best Private Hospitals in Kerala

November 11, 2021

Kerala, God’s own country, is not only famous for tourism but also the medication.    Healthcare institutions and hospitals are practised in advanced technologies. Kerala has set an example for other states in India. The medical treatment levels with the western countries. It has become the destination for many foreigners.    Many hospitals in Kerala has now been named for their best services and health care offerings. This achievement is due to the policies implemented by the state government. The rise in the healthcare industry has made the entire nation follow its systematic approach. When the Zika virus started its spread in Kerala, the entire nation and the national disaster management tumbled as the situation is alarming and it cant be controlled. But the healthcare ministry handled it very cautiously and the red alarm situation had been disabled.    This milestone is achieved as the private and public hospitals worked on a single consensus. Private hospitals have greater potential in handling virus outbreaks and other disease-related disasters. Private hospitals in Kerala offer the best treatment at a reasonable price compared to other hospitals that are located across the different states in India.    Here are the Best 10 Private Hospitals in Kerala where you can avail the best treatment for your health complications. 

Malabar Hospitals

  Malabar Hospital is founded in the year 1982 at Calicut. It has become the first choice for taking medication by the people located in Calicut. Malabar Hospital is one of the top-performing hospitals in North Kerala. Every patient consulting are examined and the appropriate medications are recommended to them for a complete cure. Malabar Hospital offers specialized treatment for Urology, Oncology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 

Baby Memorial Hospital

  Baby Memorial Hospital was established by Dr K G Alexander in the year 1987. It is the most preferred hospital in the state. The people from and around Kozhikode are highly benefited from Baby Memorial. This hospital is one of the best medical service providers in the state. Baby Memorial holds a high rate of patient satisfaction and surgical success compared to other hospitals. This hospital has won many awards and its contribution to the locality through CSR activities are immeasurable. They are best in providing treatment for Cardiology, Neurology and Gastrology. 

Starcare Hospital 

  Starcare Hospital is the leading Hospital chain in Kerala. Starcare has its establishment in UK, Oman, Dubai and Kerala. This hospital has become a role model for many healthcare industries due to its quality standards of healthcare services. Starcare has bought the modern medication and patients get the suggestion from foreign doctors from different countries. It is currently offering more than 30 healthcare specialities. It is recommended to take the medication here for all your health complications.

Nirmala Hospital

  Nirmala Hospital is a pioneer in the healthcare industry for more than 80 years. Nirmal Hospital is serving the locality of Kerala since 1937. The hospital has benefited more people from sick and suffering who could not afford the treatment. Nirmala Hospital acts as a missionary in Calicut and now it turner into one of the best multi-speciality hospitals. This hospital has been the trusted healthcare in Kerala for its outstanding services. Nirmala Hospital offers 16 healthcare specialities at an affordable price. 

National Hospital

  National Hospital is one of the best service providers in Kerala. It holds more than 400+ beds to treat the patients at utmost care with readily available facilities. National Hospital is located in the heart of the city to offer easy access to the locality. This hospital has its own emergency and ambulance services that make the needy get easy access to medication. National Hospital offers more than 25 healthcare specialities to the people. This hospital is one of the best hospitals in Calicut. 

Aster MIMS

  Aster MIMS is the best hospital in Kerala. Aster has won many awards and recognitions for its contribution to the healthcare industry. This hospital has more than 660+ bedding facilities that let many people undergo medications. The operation theatres are inbuilt with advanced equipment to ease any surgical complications. Aster hospital offers more than 40 specialities and exclusive health departments to give the best treatment. This hospital has more than an 80% NPS score. 

Metromed International Cardiac Centre

  Metromed International Cardiac Centre is the #1 hospital that is exclusively dedicated to Cardiology treatment. The hospital has more than 200+ bedding capacities with advanced facilities. MICC is one of the best 10 cardiac hospitals in India. The medical procedures are par to the international standards and it has high success rates. MICC has achieved many milestones and historical achievements in the healthcare industry. MICC is established in the year 2012 and it is located in Calicut. 

Rajagiri Hospital

  Rajagiri Hospital is founded in the year 2014 and it has become one of the best hospitals in Kerala. The hospital has 500+ bedding facilities to accommodate patients for the complete recovery from their illnesses. The speciality of the Rajagiri Hospital is that they offer both western and ayurvedic medication within the same premises. This hospital is located near Cochin International Airport and it enables easy access to different locality people. Rajagiri hospital offers more than 30 healthcare specialities.

Amrita Hospital (Amrita Institute of Medical Services)

  Amrita Hospital is one of the best and top-performing hospitals in Kerala. Amrita hospital offers the best medical services to people with their dedicated medical professionals. The hospital is provided with the largest bedding capacity as the hospital hold 1100 beds. Amrita Hospital is the people’s first and foremost choice as they can take medication for different health complications. The administration and doctors contributions have lifted the hospital to the next level. Amrita Hospital run its own medical college that resulted as an advantage and it supported them in offering the best services. Amrita Hospital provides more than 30 healthcare specialities and the hospital has won many awards. 

Lourdes Hospital

  Lourdes Hospital was founded in the year 1965 in Kochi. Lourdes Hospital is a multi-speciality hospital that offers more than 30 healthcare specialities at an affordable cost. Lourdes Hospital is located at the hotspot of the city and it gives easy access to the In and Out-Patients. Lourdes Hospital runs its own medical institutions to benefit society. Lourdes Hospital has high patient satisfaction and it is one of the trusted hospitals in Kerala. 

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